Psychic Empathy

For those who are interested in learning about various psychic gifts and abilities, as well as those who are looking for a psychic, has you covered. The site features blog posts about everything from astrology and dreams to psychic readings and tarot cards. They also have a section with reviews of different psychics to help you choose the one that’s best for you.

A great article from is “Psychic Empathy: Do You Feel What I Feel?” Psychic empathy differs from regular empathy in that it goes beyond simply understanding the emotions another person is experiencing. A person who has psychic empathy has the ability to step into the auras of other people and actually feel their emotions as if they were their own.

Other people feel intensely drawn to psychic empaths, and empaths have little problem tuning in and connecting with others. However, empaths can often feel drained and overwhelmed by experiencing other people’s emotions so intensely.

Many people have these feelings for years before they realize that they have psychic empathy. (Some go their entire lives without knowing what they have.) Simply learning that there is a name for this—as well as others who experience it—is a huge relief to those who have been confounded by it.

For those wondering if they may be empaths, Psychic Performer has a checklist to help determine if one’s emotions go beyond regular empathy and span into the psychic realm. If you suspect what you are experiencing is psychic empathy, there are steps you can take in order to control this ability and shield yourself from being overwhelmed. Definitely take a look at the information on and learn more about psychic empathy, as well as other aspects of the psychic world.