Homeopathy and remedies versus traditional medicine

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A friend of mine, a fellow Coloradan, was suffering from a chronic disease that the doctor could not get rid of, and another friend suggested homeopathy. Homeopathy remedies Colorado are available from a homeopathic practitioner the friend said. He can cure you, the friend adds. Can he? The answer depends on many factors, such as the kind of disease, the length it persisted, the patient and his lifestyle, habits, and many more.

In homeopathy, a practitioner will explore in a meticulous and careful consultation the holistic status of the patient. This consultation involves not only medical indicators and data but also a close look at the lifestyle, his mental and emotional state as well as any physical conditions that could cause the illness. The findings and insights the practitioner makes during this consultation determine not only whether a successful treatment is possible but also which remedies promise lasting success. In homeopathy, success means to remove the cause(s) of the illness completely, not just the symptoms.

Homeopathy is a holistic alternative healing system. It strives to first identify any imbalances in the patient’s body, then to select the appropriate homeopathic remedy with the best prospect of inducing the patient’s body to remove the cause of the disease and heal itself.

One can think of homeopathic remedies, also called homeopathics in modern homeopathy, as the triggers of rebalancing and healing the body. Homeopathy has its “Materia Medica” and Repositories. They are for a homeopathic practitioner what the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR)’ is for a medical doctor.

A medical doctor uses the PDR to select which pharmaceutical to use for the treatment of the illness of a patient. Medical doctors see an illness as a symptom or a number of symptoms. They treat the symptom(s) with medications that are listed in the PDR. Modern medicine comes closest to homeopathy when it detects imbalances in hormones, enzymes or other key markers for the proper functioning of the human body.

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